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True Soul part 34: Fair
Well, the thing didn’t look much like a monster. Sure that eye was creepy as hell and the thing didn’t look anything like a human, but it didn’t seem threatening. The toothless mouth smiled warmly at them as Nearin followed Selesta’s lead and stood up. Besides, the thing barely reached above Nearin’s waist.
“We are just taking shelter,” Selesta answered.
“Not many humans take shelter in the labyrinth,” the thing pointed out. “I am called Nerltholp. I am of Kaalp.”
“I am Knight-champion Selesta of the Paladin order.” Selesta said. “This is Nearin Ur-Emma, my apprentice.”
“Paladins!” Nerltholp exclaimed. Nearin found that weird, their attire marked them as Paladins quite clearly. Maybe the fay didn’t have much dealings with humans. Or its eye didn’t see what the humans did. “Are you here to deal with the thing that is blocking the portal at the Phoenix’s fall?
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True Soul part 32: A Cloudy Day
Nearin must have hurt her wrist when falling without noticing it, because her throw was decidedly unimpressive. Of course, it didn’t take much to throw an object that weighed as little as the orb only a few meters that lay between Nearin, who had backed up all the way to the portal in case something went wrong, and the devouring cloud of black something.
The glow of the orb disappeared as soon as it entered the cloud. A moment later there was a metallic ‘ting!’ sound as it hit the ground. The cloud advanced another inch before stopping. A ripple passed through it. Then another. Then what looked like a vertical whirlpool formed on its ‘surface’. The cloud began receding as if it was being pulled towards something.
Few moments later it was clear that that something was the orb and the cloud was being sucked into it like water into a hole in a bucket. Two minutes passed before the cloud had disappeared. The orb was no longer glowing and a moment later it crum
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True Soul part 32: The Hole
Nearin barely had the time to think she was going to die before the free fall turned into a slide. The headless corpse hit the slide first, serving as a cushion for Nearin and protecting her from breaking any bones. After her shoulder hit the corpse she rolled, her back hitting the rock hard enough to empty her lungs as she and the corpse slid down under the chamber.
The slide rapidly got less steep until the ground was horizontal again. Nearin’s momentum took her a bit further until her movement was stopped by the back of her helmet hitting something hard.
She blinked rapidly at the pain, trying to clear her vision from the stars that danced in front of her eyes. When the stars disappeared it finally dawned on her that the cavern she had fallen into wasn’t dark like it should be. Thanks to the angle her trip down had taken, barely any of Selesta’s light should be able to reach her, but she could see clearly. Also, everything had a curious purple tint.
She turned whil
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True Soul part 31: Distractions
Nearin swallowed.  The Aura was keeping the worst of the fear away, but it couldn’t stop her from reacting to the presence of a curse-wraith. Apart from summoning demons there were very few things that were more taboo than the creature in front of her. The result of losing control of a curse, it is the biggest reason only the most desperate even think of using a curse.
She remembered the cautionary tales she had been told as a child that revolved around curse-wraiths. About tragic heroes who were tempted by the use of a curse only to turn into nightmarish monsters. All to scare her from even considering a curse when she was an adult.
And now she was facing a monster from those tales.
She glanced at her sword, then back at the curse-wraith. Could she even harm it? She had no idea how she could help Selesta if a fight began.
“Leaaaveeee….” the wraith commanded. Its voice sounded coarser than even Nearin’s and pained. It reminded Nearin of the way the cu
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True Soul part 30: tunnels
Nearin had never been in a cave before. Unless the one where they had found the girl yesterday counted, but she didn’t think that one counted. It hadn’t been anything like what she found under the Phoenix’s Fall.
The caverns here were infinitely more foreboding than that one. It had been barely more than a foxhole. These were dark tunnels that led deep under the mountain. The entrance they used was large enough that you could ride a horse inside with barely ducking your head.
Nearin gulped as she stared into the dark tunnel. According to history, the last remains of the demon lord’s forces had been pushed back here and then forced to retreat back to the hell itself after demon lord had been wounded by the blackblade. Here in these caverns.
The actual decisive battle that had turned the tide of war had been fought elsewhere, but this was where the war had been ended.
Normally, a battlefield would be littered with weapons and bones and pieces of gear left behind b
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True Soul part 29: A Cloud
”Do you think he spoke the truth?” Nearin broke the silence with a rasp. They had been walking for a while and were about half way to the Fall. Selvos was walking a few dozen meters ahead of them. With how her legs felt and with her wearing more armor she was having difficulty keeping up but she was managing somehow.
“Honestly? No idea,” Selesta chuckled.
“Shouldn’t we have questioned him more?” Nearin stopped from surprise for few seconds before remembering to start walking again.
“Not worth it. The problem is that we don’t know what part was true and what wasn’t. If we had pressed more it’s just as likely that truth would be replaced with new lies as the other way around,” Selesta explained before smiling. “But at least now they will not be getting a signal that we are coming.”
A big fat drop of water hit Nearin’s nose. She blinked and looked up as it started to rain. It wasn’t a downpour
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True Soul part 28: A Signal.
The cookie was very tasty. Whoever had made it had maybe been a bit heavy handed with sugar but the overly sweet taste still worked together with the pieces of oat that crumbled in her mouth.
Nearin sighed with contentment then brushed a few crumps off her scarf. Grumps weren’t intimidating. To be honest, the idea of her being intimidating was hilarious. Though she had beaten the man they were looking for and his three friends.  That had to up the scary factor a bit.
“This is it,” Selesta said as they arrived in front of the house where they had been told their suspect was likely to be.
Nearin cocked her head. “Why is there such a big hole in the roof?” she wondered. The building was not otherwise ramshackle or anything.
Selesta shrugged before knocking on the door. There was a loud yelp of surprise and the sound of a chair toppling. Then footsteps until the door opened. “I told you my hand is fi-“
“It’s him,” Nearin whis
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True Soul part 27: Gambles and Cookies
“And done,” the man said as he the glow of healing magic disappeared and he started to wrap the arm with bandages.
“You couldn’t heal it all the way?”  Kevos whined.
“Complain to someone who cares and be happy you didn’t lose the arm,” the man grunted.
The camp could rarely be described as peaceful but now the usual ruckus was replaced with the tension of waiting for the storm. Only three members of the party that had gone to track the Paladins for the ambush had returned, two of them wounded and all of them bruised.
“You should have waited for the rest of us,” someone complained.
“The paladin was alone. We figured we could take him on with four of us. We might have been too late if we had waited!”
“Well you figured wrong,” the boss stated. He was standing near the remains of a window that had been covered with a canvas before wind had ripped the canvas off about an hour ago, staring at the silhoue
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True Soul part 26: Rumination
It was well into the evening. Nearin scratched the back of her head.  Getting the blood out of her hair had been difficult. At least the man she had killed hadn’t bled on her.
The man she had killed…
She felt sick, but forced her mouth open and took another bite of the bread. They were eating dinner at the village Elder’s house. Selesta hadn’t wanted to go back to investigate before the child woke up. Nearin’s feet were infinitely grateful for that.
Now the girl was awake and Selesta was questioning her gently while the girl who was starving ate.  
“What do you remember of the dream?” Selesta asked.
The girl was about to answer, but her mother looked at her sharply, and she quickly swallowed her food first. “There was an old lady who told me to follow her.”
She was much less pale now that the potions had had time to do their job. Though her wounded leg still couldn't handle her weight, but she would be able to walk again w
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True Soul Part 25: More Running
Nearin was panting and staring at the pool of her own vomit. Her stomach muscles cramped and she gagged, but nothing more came out. She closed her eyes and straightened. She had just killed someone. Someone who had been trying to kill her, true, but she felt sick nonetheless.
Get a hold of yourself, you have a child to save. She took a deep breath, then quickly wiped the blood from her sword and started running.
Getting into rhythm was a lot harder this time, as the bruise in her stomach kept reminding her of its existence. And then every tree and rock she passed looked like it could have hidden another ambush. Thankfully none did.
The rest of the way of to the village was short but painful. The bruise made her wince often when her breathing started getting faster.
She got instant attention when she stumbled into the village. “I need to get to the witch’s house,” she told the nearest woman. “Potions,” she croaked as explanation.
“Did you find her?
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True Soul Part 24: Ambush!
Despite the shock Nearin's training kicked in instantly. As she crashed into the man she brought up her elbow and it smashed into the man's chin. The man fell and Nearin momentum carried her over him, though she made sure to stomp on the man's crotch on the way over.
She stumbled to a halt and pulled her sword out of its sheath. Her hand came to her stomach. Her mail shirt had just saved her life. The blow had almost knocked the air from her lungs but it would have killed her without that piece of armor she had worn just in case. Wise decision that.
She swallowed; her attacker had not been alone. There were three others who had been hidden in the small patch of trees at the bottom of the valley. Two of them had been in the direction she had been running towards, so her decision to stop had been a good one. She doubted she could have been lucky enough for all of them to attack her protected Torso.
Now they were trying to encircle her. She gave ground until her back hit a tree. Apar
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True Soul Pat 23: Slipping
The clouds had returned, but this time they did not bring rain. Good thing that. The curtain of water would have made the search a lot harder. Now the clouds were a light grey mass that was chasing the little holes of clear sky to the horizon. Only the very peak of the Spear itself was touching the clouds.
All in all it suited the grey seriousness of the mountains and the seriousness of the situation. They still had no sightings of the child and they were getting desperate. And tired in Nearin's case. It had been weeks since she had been bedridden and she was returned to nearly her full strength. Nearly. But now as they rushed through the rough terrain at high altitude she was starting to sweat.
Oh she could continue going on for quite a while, especially given how much she loathed the idea of disappointing Selesta. She was doing that already in multiple ways she was sure, but no reason to bring attention to one.
But it was clear that of the three, she was going to be the one to tire f
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True Soul Part 22: Troubles and Disappearances
Running through the uneven, rocky terrain at night was stupidly dangerous. A single displaced rock could twist your ankle or cause you to fall and hit your head or plenty of other things. The point was that only the very careless or very desperate would do it. The latter fit the person that was hurrying down the hill towards the ruins that had been turned into a temporary shelter.
Even though he knew the path perfectly from having lived his all life in the mountains he still slipped a few times in the dark. It was a miracle that by the time he reached the bottom of the valley he was only bruised.
Of course with all the noise he had been making it was obvious that his approach had been noticed. As he stumbled to a halt and stood hunched, steadying his breath, a voice called out: ”Who goes there?”
The sentry was standing just outside the area illuminated by the camp fires. By his stance it was also apparent that he was pointing a crossbow at the newcomer.
”Just me, Kevo
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True Soul part 21: The Mystery
Dusk wasn’t far away as the paladins rode into the village.  The village was small, around twenty buildings all in all and no wall surrounding it.  
Someone must have spotted them as it looked like everyone had gathered in the middle of the village to greet them. Or to see them most likely. The villagers were dressed modestly though warmly enough to guard against the autumn chill.
“Greetings, Paladins,” the village elder welcomed them. “We were growing worried that our blight might go unanswered.”
“The Paladin Order exists to protect all,” Selesta replied stiffly. “And the location of this village drives it up in the priority list when it comes to investigating this sort of thing,” she continued as she dismounted.
“Of course. You must be hungry and tired from the travel. Please give me the honor of sharing dinner with you and I can explain the situation while we eat.”
Nearin was beginning to realize that as a p
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True Soul Part 20: The Rainy Road
The day Selesta and Nearin left the compound the weather had taken a sharp turn for the worse, rapidly getting colder. Cold rain and gusty wind just amplified the chill that did its best at sinking to their bones. The heavy jackets covering their mail shirts, the cloaks processed to handle rain and deer skin gloves put up a valiant fight against the weather, but they still couldn't make the six days of travel comfortable.
The village of Alne was remote, so after the first three nights there had been no farms for them stay in, so they had to camp outside. Obvously their pack mule was carrying a tent so that they had someplace dry to sleep.
It had been almost a month since Nearin had left the hospital wing and the only thing that hadn't recovered was her voice.
Nearin stared at the meager fire they had started and shivered. Autumn had come early this year it seemed.  The village was in the mountains so she hoped that the rain would stop soon. Searching the surrounding rocky areas wo
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True Soul part 19: The Officers' Meeting
The meetings were usually held rather late. So this one wasn’t that unusual. Lately, the fact that everyone was tense hadn’t been unusual either. It had been weeks since the Succubus had almost killed Nearin and the paladins still had no idea what it had been looking for. Or where and how it had disappeared.
Selesta was sitting on her seat on the right hand side of the knight-commander. As the knight-champion she was technically the second highest ranking officer in the compound. Technically, as her only underling was a one meek apprentice.
She sipped her tea as she listened to Gaskos, the demonology instructor, and Selazar argue about why exactly the warding orb at top of the compound’s tower had failed to show the second circle demon in middle of the pack of hellhounds before it had almost killed a novice. Sending novices without the Aura of Command against a second circle demon was often considered a suicide mission.
Those two came to argue over anything that worke
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Sister of Khorne - Colour by ShadowEngine Sister of Khorne - Colour :iconshadowengine:ShadowEngine 62 5 All alone by Saranna All alone :iconsaranna:Saranna 72 16 Mad Max - War Beasts by sandara Mad Max - War Beasts :iconsandara:sandara 8,412 443
Did you ever...
Did you ever follow a trail in the woods
Where no sun lights the path
And moss covers stones, floor and trees
Believing it would lead to
It never did.
Did you ever place your hand on the mirror
Staring at your reflection
And focusing hard on what you saw
Expecting your image to move
It never did.
Did you ever jump off a wall
With a cloth around your shoulders
And your arms spread wide
Waiting for the day to come where you could
It never did.
Did you ever lay awake at night
Listening to the sounds of darkness
And imagining another world
Hoping your dreams would turn to
They never did.
Did you ever paint a picture
Of the friends inside your head
And looked at it every day
Dreaming of them finally coming to
They never did.
Did you ever walk in the rain
With tears in your eyes
And sadness in your heart
Despairing because magic does not
It never did.
Did you ever stop
Because I never di
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a transgirl wanna-be-writer writer from Southern Finland.
True Soul is my current project. I am planning on updating atleast every second week, but we will see. I mighend up on updating more or less.

My Poetry is bad. And filled with typoes, because back then I didn't use fancy words like "proofreading."
I am terrible sorry that I have these delays this soon in the series but due to various happenings the next part of True Soul will be futher delayed.

At first I had that exam I mentioned. Then I had a flu, followed by starting my anxiety medication. And lets just say that the side effects have hit me relatively hard so my writing ability has been really really low.


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